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Kongsberg EA 400 Single beam echosounderEA400

Precision echosounding at your fingertips 

Kongsberg EA 400 Single beam echosounder - Kongsberg is once again first with a revolutionary range of precision echosounders based on the latest available technology. High performance at any depth, easy operation and your specific needs have been key factors in our design.

Need multiple channels? 

Up to four high-power transceivers can operate simultaneously from the Kongsberg EA 400. For improved performance, they are installed close to the transducers and linked via a single data cable to the notebook. Available frequencies span from 38 to 710 kHz. A variety of highly efficient transducers is available to suit all your operational needs from extreme shallow to 3000 m water depths.


System software and data storage

System software is supplied on a CD ready for installation, as are subsequent software releases. It is possible to provide together with professional hydrographic survey software like QINSy.

Function 'Detect second layer bottom'

Second layer detection - Click to enlarge picture

The Kongsberg EA 400, by use of two frequencies, has the possibility to detect the second layer bottom by using the lowest frequency. The sediment of the bottom will depend of the penetration depth. Refer to picture: frequencies 33 kHz and 200 kHz.EA400_600_Second-layer-detection-33_600pxl


reader_icon Kongsberg EA400 Single beam echosounder datasheet (pdf 500kB)

reader_icon Kongsberg EA400 Single beam echosounder Survey Product (pdf 2MB)

reader_icon Kongsberg Hydrographic brochure (pdf 3MB)


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