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sps551Trimble SPS551 Modular GPS Receiver

Trimble SPS551 Modular GPS Receiver The Trimble® SPS551 Modular GPS Receiver ideal for real-time marine construction use, in-vehicle site supervisor operations, or as a sub-meter DGPS base station. This receiver lets you conduct real-time differential surveys and navigation without a base station when using the OmniSTAR XP/HP subscription services (over land masses) or in areas of SBAS (WAAS/EGNOS) coverage.

For DGPS operation the optional internal transmit and receive radio and the internal battery make this a truly portable base station and rover combination. The Trimble SPS551 GPS Receiver can also be used with a variety of external Trimble or 3rd party radios you may already own to reduce your investment of time and money with existing infrastructure.

SPS551 Features and Benefits:

  • Modular DGPS receiver allows mounting flexibility for greater accuracy and added security
  • Long life internal battery lets you get to work immediately - no time consuming wiring at temporary base station or on the vessel
  • Superior connectivity with multiple Bluetooth®, Ethernet and serial data ports
  • Internal radio options for transmission and reception ensures a rugged compact receiver
  • OmniSTAR™ XP/HP subscription services provides decimeter accuracy
  • Add on the Trimble SPS551H GPS Receiver for precise heading output and DGPS position


  • Waterway surveying
  • Construction Site Supervisor operations
  • Aggregate dredging
  • Harbor construction
  • DGPS Base station

reader_icon Trimble SPS551/551H GPS Receiver Datasheet (PDF 280kB)


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